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Coping With The Coronavirus and Isolation

Dear Members and Friends of HLADE,

Since we all know that our statewide HLADE support group meetings are cancelled for the foreseeable future, we want you to know that we hope to keep you connected and supported to other deaf and hard of hearing people online.

The Hearing Loss Association of America(HLAA) just posted this video on isolation. We urge you to listen to Dr. Harvey's advice and suggestions.

If you do have a hearing health need during this Co-Vid 19 health crisis, please contact us at hlade@comcast.netor (302)388-9459 (V/TEXT/visual voicemail)

Stay safe and be well!

Linda Heller, President
Hearing Loss Association of Delaware(HLADE)

President, Hearing Loss Association of America- Delaware Chapters
Ph: (302) 276-0956 (V/TTY/Relay) oe 302-388-9459

COVID-19 Resources for the deaf and hard of hearing!  

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Many thanks to Sprint Accessibility and its Captel program for their generous support of HLADE's web site redesign project.

The project includes the masthead redesign, above, updating the format to a wide screen presentation, new links to hearing technology, and other updates throughout the site.

These updates could not be made without Sprint's generous donation to our cause. THANK YOU!

Free Smoke Detector for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Contact your local fire department to get one installed!

Click here. print, complete and send.

Free ICann Communications Technology
Can Aid Deaf & Blind in Delaware

People with combined hearing and vision loss may be eligible for free communications equipment and training through the iCanConnect program, which is administered in Delaware by UD's Center for Disabilities Studies. Click for the YouTube Video or the Latest ICann Connect Info.

New Study Shows Mom's Voice Activates
Child's Brain When They Hear It!

A new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine has found that a much larger area of the brain is activated when children hear their mother’s voice. For the full article, go to

"So exactly what is earwax?"

Here's an interesting article on earwax and how to take care of it!.


July 2 - Save the Date!
You're Invited to the Dedication of a Historical Marker Honoring A Deaf Civil War Delawarean!

During the Civil War, Wilmington born Eli Crozier, although deaf, visited the battle field and assisted in caring for the wounded soldiers and raised money for food and clothing for the wives and orphans of deceased soldiers.

Crozier, along with Alfred S. Nones, a one-time officer with the Delaware Veteran Volunteer Infantry, were instrumental in leading efforts to erect a monument for the deceased Delaware soldiers of the Civil War when they helped form the "Soldiers and Sailors Monument Association".

The Wilmington Memorial Day Committee invites the public to be part of the dedication of a new historical marker dedicated to Mr. Crozier on July 2.

TUhe marker will be installed by the Delaware Public Archives highlighting the history of Delaware's Soldiers and Sailors Monument It is located in the triangle area formed by the intersections of Delaware Ave., West Fourteenth St. and North Broom St. in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Delaware's Soldiers and Sailors Monument commemorates Delaware's patriotic dead who sacrificed their lives for their country during the Rebellion of 1861-1865 (Civil War).

The Association acquired the Monument Column from a bankrupt Pennsylvania Bank Building in Philadelphia after the razing of the the bank in 1868.

The "Soldiers and Sailors Monument Association" proceeded with the work, and the marble column was erected, surmounted by an eagle, cast from condemned brass cannons, presented to the association by the United States Government for that purpose.

The completion of the monument was called into question after construction debts remained unpaid and suits were entered and judgements obtained thereon, and the monument was advertised to be sold at sheriff sale to pay the cost of its erection.

Crozier, a newspaper owner of "We the People," stepped forward to help raise the funds to pay off the debt, allowing for the monument unveiling on January 1, 1871.

The Wilmington Memorial Day Committee thanks not only the Delaware Public Archives for all their work performed in preparing for installation of this plaque but also the late Eli Crozier, and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument Assoc. for their valuable services rendered in the completion of the Monument.

Coronavirus is Still With Us!
Here's a Mask You Can
Lip-Read Through!

Ashsley lawrence is a 21-yar-old college student who realized Corona Virus masks have one fundamental flaw: the deaf and hard of hearing can't communicate through them.

In a recent article on, she said “As a college student studying Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, I have a great appreciation for the ways in which the world is designed with hearing people in mind.”

“Those who rely on lip-reading or ASL to communicate are often cut off from their source of communication when doctors and nurses don surgical masks.”

So using some old cotton material and translucent plastic fabric - she re-invented traditional so thopse who lip read or rely on facial expressions have a much better way to communicate.

And she's giving away the secret to anyone who wants to make some for themselves. Here's her tutorial. So get sewing!

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COVID-19 Resources for the deaf and hard of hearing!

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Delawareans, Please complete the National Disability COVID 19 Survey! Help people with disabilities now! Thanks!


Important! Here's a summary of the most frequent or important questions received by the National Deaf Center's help team. For more information and tips during the COVID-19 crisis, visit

Q: How can deaf students access audio content online (without an FM system or other tools)?

Strategies for students to maximize audio access at home:
** Connect your computer directly to the internet (using an ethernet or LAN cord) rather than relying on Wifi. Using Wifi may reduce audio quality.

** Use an external speaker plugged into your device, either hardwired or connected via Bluetooth and has its own power supply and amplifier, which will boost and enrich sound quality.

** Find headphones that fit over the personal hearing device (e.g., hearing aids or implant) or can cover the microphone. Circumaural headphones (that completely cover the ears) help block out external noises, especially those with noise-cancelling capabilities.

For more information, please see the Tipsheet
  Am I Deaf or deaf?
  Watch "Free Communications Technology Can Aid Deaf & Blind in Delaware" on YouTube

Watch "Free Communications Technology Can Aid Deaf & Blind in Delaware" on YouTube

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New Study Shows Mom's Voice Activates
Child's Brain When They Hear It!

A new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine has found that a much larger area of the brain is activated when children hear their mother’s voice. For the full article, go to

Wilmington Informal Coffee Support Group Meetings Suspended

In compliance with the Governor's guidance on social distancing, restrictions on group meetings, and the closing of eat-in faacilities, our meetings at Panera Bread on Wilmington's Concord Pike have been suspended until further notice.

Please be safe. We'll get together again as soon as it becomes safe for us to do so.