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Hi HLADE Members and Friends-

There will be a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Expo on Saturday, February 29th from 10am-3pm at Grace United Methodist Church at 900 Washington Street off 9th street in downtown Wilmington. You are invited!!

HLADE will have an exhibit to display and we would love to have you come and volunteer at the HLADE TABLE for an hour or just stop by and visit!!!

The public is invited, so if you know someone who has a hearing loss or a family or friend, bring them by!The flyer is attached so feel free to print it out and post it at your local store!

We look forward to participating in this great event!

Thank you!! Linda Linda S. Heller, M.A.C.C.C.A.C.M.,CAP-S President, Hearing Loss Association of America- Delaware Chapters
Ph: (302) 276-0956 (V/TTY/Relay) oe 302-388-9459

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Many thanks to Sprint Accessibility and its Captel program for their generous support of HLADE's web site redesign project.

The project includes the masthead redesign, above, updating the format to a wide screen presentation, new links to hearing technology, and other updates throughout the site.

These updates could not be made without Sprint's generous donation to our cause. THANK YOU!

Free Smoke Detector for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Contact your local fire department to get one installed!

Click here. print, complete and send.

"So exactly what is earwax?"

Here's an interesting article on earwax and how to take care of it!.


HLAA2020 Convention
June 18-20, New Orleans!

Early Bird Registration Deadline is Next Week! Discounted rates end March 2. Online registration is quicker and easier than ever!

Register On-LineToday!

Workshop Schedule Available Online!

This year we're lucky to have some amazing workshops! We'll dive into advocacy, hearing assistive technology, and lifestyle of hearing loss. Every workshop room will be fully accessible with hearing loops and CART/captioning.

Sign language interpretation is also available by request; if you are interested please email by May 29, 2020. Here's the workshop schedule.

We are happy to introduce the Keynote Speaker for HLAA2020, David Owen.

David is a staff writer for The New Yorker and author of the new book Volume Control: Hearing in a Deafening World.

"David Owen aptly addresses the medical, emotional, and social aspects of hearing loss, along with some surprising revelations about technology and hearing aids.

He presents the latest information in a way that makes you want to keep reading. We are excited for David to kick off HLAA2020 Convention!" -Barbara Kelley, Executive Director, Hearing Loss Association of America

Early Bird Registration Ends March 2!

Register On-Line Today!

Hot Topics!

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Facebook for D/HOH Amtrak Riders

   Diocese of Wilmington Lists Parishes with Listening Devices

   Comcast provides low cost internet services to benefit low income deaf and hard of hearing people!

   Hispanic Resource!
Latino Deaf and Hard of Hearing Association

   National hearing Loss Association posts new information on Hearing Assistive Technology

   Regal Cinemas Offer Eye Glasses for Theater Captioning! Please see the full story on
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New Study Shows Mom's Voice Activates
Child's Brain When They Hear It!

A new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine has found that a much larger area of the brain is activated when children hear their mother’s voice. For the full article, go to

Wilmington Informal Coffee Support Group Formed

The Hearing Loss Association of Delaware (HLADE) is pleased to announce that a new North Wilmington informal Coffee Support Group will meet at 1:00-2:00 pm at Panera Bread in the Fairfax Shopping Center on north side of Concord Pike every 2nd Saturday of the month - except August.

The group will meet in rear section of the restaurant and the table will have an HLADE sign on it.

The purpose of the new group is for teens and adults who have hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear implants or use listening devices to meet and help each other. Family and friends of people with hearing loss or people or anyone who wants to learn more and help others with hearing loss are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Please share this information with anyone you know who has a hearing loss or their family or friends.

Free ICann Communications Technology
Can Aid Deaf & Blind in Delaware

People with combined hearing and vision loss may be eligible for free communications equipment and training through the iCanConnect program, which is administered in Delaware by UD's Center for Disabilities Studies. Click for the YouTube Video or the Latest ICann Connect Info.
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